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MURALIS has this channel so that anyone who is directly or indirectly related with the company can confidentially report a situation which could characterize a violation of MURALIS Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The declarant is responsible for the accuracy of the information reported.

The purpose of this channel is to receive complaints about ethical issues, fraud, theft, bribery, deviations, tax evasion, that is, issues that go against the company’s ethical principles disclosed in the MURALIS Code of Ethics and Conduct.



All information reported will have its veracity verified during the investigation process, and the resulting actions will be taken at the exclusive discretion of MURALIS.

We guarantee ABSOLUTE CONFIDENTIALITY of the information.

Please describe the situation in which there was a breach of our Code of Ethics and Conduct and/or of the current legislation.

It is important that the report is complete and detailed, as this will make the investigation of the complaint more accurate and faster. Do not forget to include in the report:

  • What (description of the situation)

  • Who (names of people involved, including witnesses)

  • When (date when the situation happened, happens or will happen)

  • Why (cause or reason)

  • How much (if possible)

  • Evidence (if they exist and where they can be found)


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