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The Privacy Policy of MURALIS ASSESSORIA E TECNOLOGIA LTDA., registered with the CNPJ under nº 26.253.045/0001-61, aims to demonstrate the commitment and transparency in the way it treats the data of the people with whom it interacts, be they customers, former customers, employees, service providers, suppliers, job candidates or any individual who accesses our digital platforms, respecting and ensuring the privacy and protection of anyone's personal data.



This privacy policy is prepared and interpreted exclusively in accordance with Brazilian legislation, in particular Law 13,709/18 – LGPD, Law 12,965/2014

– Marco Civil da Internet and other Brazilian rules and regulations applicable to the Protection of Personal Data.


Rights of holders in relation to their data

The holder of personal data, at any time, and easily and free of charge, can exercise the following rights existing in the LGPD:

– Confirmation of the existence of processing: MURALIS processes the Personal Data of its customers, former customers, employees, service providers, suppliers, job candidates or any individual who accesses our digital platforms, keeping this Data stored in environments in a safe and controlled manner. The Holder may request confirmation of the processing of their Personal Data;

– Access to Data: At any time, the Holder may request MURALIS to inform which Personal Data is being processed;

– Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated Data: If the Data Holder finds that they have incomplete, inaccurate or outdated information, they may contact us, requesting correction or completion of the missing or inaccurate Personal Data;

– Anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary, excessive or processed Personal Data in non-compliance with the LGPD: The Data Holder may request anonymization, blocking or deletion of Personal Data that MURALIS is processing when there is no legal basis justifying the processing.

– Portability of Personal Data to another service or product provider, upon express request by the Data Holder: The Data Holder may request MURALIS to port their Personal Data to another service or product provider. The Holder's request will be responded to in the shortest possible time;

– Obtaining information about the public or private entities with which MURALIS shares the Holder's Personal Data: The Holder may contact MURALIS to find out who their Personal Data was shared with;

– Information about the possibility of the Holder not providing consent for the processing of Personal Data, as well as being informed about the consequences in case of refusal: If the Holder does not wish to provide consent for the specific processing that MURALIS needs to carry out, it will be clarified at the same time whether it is possible to provide the services or provide the software of interest to you without processing your Personal Data, also informing the consequences of your non-consent;

– Revocation of consent: When the processing of Personal Data is based on the Holder's consent, the Holder may revoke their consent and delete their Personal Data at any time. Revoking consent may result in the Holder being unable to use the services provided by MURALIS. The interruption of the processing of Personal Data will not be effective when the Data is: (i) anonymized; or (ii) necessary to MURALIS and/or third parties involved in providing the services for the purposes of judicial, arbitration or administrative defense, as well as to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.


Data collect

As Controller, MURALIS collects Personal Data in the following ways:

– Informed by the Personal Data Holder himself;

– Collected through third parties;

– Collected automatically.


Personal Data may be processed by MURALIS for the following purposes:

– Execution of contractual activities or activities that precede the conclusion of the contract;

– Market and customize your products for customers;

- Services provision;

– Responding to customer requests;

– Operation and management of websites;

– Compliance with legal or regulatory obligations;

– Compliance with rights and obligations related to its staff;

– Communication and marketing activities;

– Defense of holders’ rights;

– Analysis of statistical data for the purpose of studies to improve the performance of its products and services, with the decharacterization of sensitive and personal information;

– Legitimate interest of the controller or third parties, which, in other words, means that we can use personal data when necessary, as long as the practice does not exceed the fundamental rights and freedoms of the holder;

– Consent of the holder. As an Operator, MURALIS uses Personal Data as determined by the Controller (client).


Data sharing

MURALIS treats the Personal Data of its customers and employees responsibly.
Personal Data may be shared to:

– Comply with current legal obligations and defend the rights of holders;

– Meet contractual obligations with employees;

– Comply with the benefits provided to employees;

– To respond to requests made by the customer;

– To meet legal obligations arising from the commercial relationship.

MURALIS may also, when authorized and subject to compliance with the LGPD, share such Personal Data with the following third parties, provided that sharing is necessary and adopts appropriate measures so that the shared information is treated only for the specific purposes.


International data transfer

International data transfer is carried out in full compliance with the requirements set out in the LGPD, giving preference to locations in which there is similar legislation or with a higher level of protection than the LGPD itself, or through the application of contractual clauses that guarantee compliance of the standard, regardless of where the data is transferred.


Retention of Personal data

We observe the legal and regulatory deadlines for retaining personal data after the end of processing, mainly with regard to the period for regularly exercising rights in judicial, administrative and arbitration actions and for complying with legal and regulatory obligations due to orders issued by the regulatory bodies to which we are subject. After the end of the data subject's relationship with MURALIS, in some cases, it may be necessary to maintain the storage of Personal Data for a certain period, to comply with any legal obligation or legal actions. Regarding data processing carried out based on the Holder's consent, MURALIS completes the processing of Personal Data, if the Holder objects or revokes consent, when applicable.


Data storage

Personal Data may be stored on our own servers or on third-party servers hired for this purpose, whether located in Brazil or abroad, in accordance with applicable legislation, and may also be stored using “cloud” technology and/or other technologies that arise in the future, always aiming to improve and perfect our services.


Use of cookies

Cookies are files installed in your internet browser that temporarily store some basic information that you access on our digital platforms, such as websites and apps or advertisements. The use of cookies helps us provide a more personalized and agile service, based on your choices, which allows us to analyze trends and improve your experience on our platforms.


Data manager and contact details

Any questions related to the Privacy Policy, the topic of security and protection of Personal Data, must be sent through the service channels or via the contact email of the MURALIS data manager (


Changes to the privacy policy

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, keeping it updated and available on the website.


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